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30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who: Day Sixteen

Day sixteen: Which episode or scene made you feel all the feels?

Sadly, there have been several scenes in the show’s run that made me have feels, but two stand out in mind.

From New Who, we got Doomsday. It’s an obvious choice, but it was the only scene from the new series that I legitimately cried at. The good-bye at Bad Wolf Bay was truly heart-breaking from both sides. I don’t know who had it worse: Rose or the Doctor.

From Classic Who, we got Earthshock. Also an obvious choice, but a companion dies! (Of course, there’s been other episodes in the past where this happened, but this one was the worst to me.) Adric wasn’t my favorite companion in the TARDIS at the time, but it was the worst way he could have possibly gone. As he said, we never knew if he was right, and the silence at the end credits was what set me over the edge to crying.